AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4.0.1

AutoCAD Drawing Viewer allows you to open and view DXF, DWF, and DWG drawings, as well as export them to more convenient file types

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    3D Design

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows XP

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AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4.0.1
AutoCAD Drawing Viewer

Do you need to edit and read some of the AutoCAD files? Through the AutoCAD Drawing Viewer, you have a free tool that will hand you editing, viewing, printing, converting and saving the drawing files. You should, however, understand how the AutoCAD Drawing Viewer won't respectably replace AutoCAD because it just doesn't have the same level of software, but you do have a basic program with some of the basic tools to help you, and you will have access to some wonderful tools.

Create JPG and PDF Files from Drawing Files

This system will hand you an excellent system where you can create PDFs and JPG files from batches. Through the system, you can convert the drawings into different formats. You will have the ability to view the open drawings, and you can also edit the blocks of attribute values. You should note that you won't need the AutoCAD Drawing viewer to run AutoCAD, but the developer does make the claim that you can open the files that have been made with the AutoCAD drawing version.

System Doesn't Work with Windows 7 and Windows 10

To save you some time, before you try to download AutoCAD Drawing Viewer, you should first only download it if you have don't have the Windows 7, Windows 8 or the Windows 10 because it won't work with any of these operating systems. This is an older program, and as such, it hasn't been updated for these things.

Getting Help with Your Building Project

The AutoCAD Drawing Viewer especially comes in handy with your building plans. It helps you to draw out the details of the plan to underline what you have planned for the project and what you don't. You can also make a few changes before you start to build with the project, which can also be helpful. The system lets you check up with your building plans so that you have the right understanding of it. Through this system, you can browse, measure and prepare your projects. You can also make comparisons and revisions if the need arises.

Review, Mark and Print your Changes

Through this system, you can track your changes and look at the files in either 2D or 3D. One of the best things about this system is how it doesn't cost you a dime. You don't have to have the original software design, and you can work with a variety of different file formats. For example, you can work with DWG, DWF, DWFx and DXF. Even if you just want this system so that you can share a file or view something, it works well, and it increases your efficiency because you have intuitive tools.


  • Great if you just want to view or share a file.
  • Hands you access to a wonderful set of tools.
  • This system helps you to revise and plan out your building projects.


  • The files don't work with Windows 7 or higher.

While not everyone needs the ability to read AutoCAD’s wireframe drawing objects, those who do will appreciate this program. Highly useful for managing minor edits to .DWG, .DWF or .DXF files on the fly and for preparing reports when the designer or architect isn’t available, this multipurpose viewer for the leading CAD software saves both time and money. The AutoCAD Drawing Viewer does not require the full version of AutoCAD to read drawing objects.

Hypothetically, the AutoCAD Drawing Viewer supports drawing objects for all versions of AutoCAD. However, the usual common sense caveats apply. The full, paid version of AutoCAD doesn’t always correctly read drawing objects from its own earlier versions. Similarly, expect problems viewing .DWG or .DXF files exported from other CAD programs. Here again though, the paid, full version of AutoCAD doesn’t necessarily read files exported from other programs as .DWG correctly, either. That aside, the program works reasonably well.

CAD files often grow to enormous size, so the Explorer View may be the AutoCAD Drawing Viewer’s best feature. Much like the full version, the Viewer uses a common window as a desktop. The file explorer makes navigation between directories easy, as well as changing the language displayed by the user interface. In addition, users can save time by screening smaller versions of the file without opening them. Clicking on a file opens it into the common desktop window.

Assuming that the drawing object can be read, the AutoCAD Drawing Viewer’s next most useful feature lets the user select a different version of AutoCAD and convert the file. That means that users of older versions of AutoCAD can postpone upgrading without losing time or productivity. In addition, proprietary shops will like the ability to export drawing objects as PDF or JPEG files rather than sharing their valuable drawings.

Although layering gives designers a powerful advantage, not all designers follow best practices in either their use of layers or in labeling them. That makes layers awkward for end users and anyone else that needs to edit the final drawings. To meet that need, the AutoCAD Drawing View opens the individual layers and allows basic text editing wherever text is found. Finally, like most modern applications software, AutoCAD stores the attributes for the drawing object in a database. Taking advantage of that, the AutoCAD Drawing Viewer accesses the database. That gives an editor global search and replace capability which saves time and retains a consistent look throughout the project.

On the downside, especially for a design tool, the user interface leaves something to be desired in its own design. A less cluttered desktop would be more intuitive and user friendly. Similarly, for a small program, the AutoCAD Drawing Viewer uses a lot of system resources, particularly for batch jobs. Handling huge drawing objects is not necessarily faster or easier in the full version.


  • Free and distributable
  • Handles .DWG, .DWF and .DXF files
  • Slim Explorer view
  • Conversion to other versions of AutoCAD
  • Export to PDF or JPEG to protect intellectual property
  • Batch processing
  • Access to layers
  • Global search and replace


  • Under-designed user interface
  • Minimally effective editing capability
  • High resource use; however, not necessarily worse than the full program

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